Ostomy Lifestyle Question (September 2015)


Hi I have had mine for 8 years but in the past 3 weeks it is putting out more than u can imagine. The pain comes and goes drinking lots. I have no large bowel left and not much of small. Had to have rectum removes as well. I have a diease called DIGITS not yet in medical books. My docter retired last year and i see new one in Dec. I can’t handle this much more. Thanks


Do not handle this issue until December, it is very important to make stoma health care a priority. Contact an Enterostomal Therapy (ET nurse), as soon as possible. Go to the  Support button on the bar above on this Ostomy Canada Society website to find an ET nurse, click on Support and the drop down menu will provide a list of information, locate the Find An ET Nurse, click on this and follow the instructions. (Find a NSWOC).

If there is not an ET Nurse in your area go to The Canadian Association for Enterostomal therapy (CAET) to assist you in finding the appropriate ET professional for you.