Exercises to build up your core muscles

The exercises described here should not be followed without first consulting your doctor. All guidelines and warnings should be read carefully and we cannot accept responsibility for injuries or damage arising out of failure to comply with same.

Here are some simple exercises designed to help anyone who has had surgery leading to the formation of ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy or internal pouch. These exercises may also prove useful for people with low back problems.

If in any doubt about any of these exercises, seek the advice of a physiotherapist, your GP or consultant. If there is any difficulty contacting any of these professionals, your ET nurse can refer you to them.

These exercises can be progressed by:

1. Adding more movements to each exercise every few days, starting with 4 movements, say, but don’t go beyond 10. Start by doing these exercises twice a day and then increase the number of sessions.

2. Build up the ‘holding’ part of the exercise to a maximum of 7 seconds.


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