September 2017 – Probiotics Question: Thank-you for being available to take questions. I am 65 and have had an Ileostomy for 6 yrs. I have had Crohn’s for 35 years and Ankylosing Spondylitis for 5 or more years. So, I face many indirect over-the-counter pharmaceutical costs that I try to struggle to manage. There has […]

Our Full Moon

by Angie Schickerowski (from Ostomy Canada Magazine – Summer 2012: Volume 20, Number 1) 180 days + 52 cities in 17 countries + 4 overnight bus rides + 1 night sleeping on a cold airport floor + 1 private island + 3 wonders of the world ————————————- The HONEYMOON of a LIFETIME My husband Mike and […]

Shhh… It Happens

by Angie Schickerowski (from Ostomy Canada Magazine – Winter 2013: Volume 21, Number 2) The power of kindness. It’s overwhelming how the simple act of a stranger helping you out in an extremely embarrassing and awkward situation can impact your life so greatly. And it almost, emphasis on ‘almost’, makes up for the ignorance and poor […]