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Ask an Ostomy Lifestyle Expert

Dealing with Leakage

Message Body: I’ve been suffering with Crohn’s for over 10 years. I just recently had the ostomy surgery in Oct 2016. It’s been a very big lifestyle change and my incision still has not healed. My stoma is sinking in and on 1 side causing leakage every day, which has my entire tummy inflamed with […]

Ballooning effect in pouches during flights

Question Message Body: I’ve had an ileostomy for almost 20 yrs and I’m wondering if there are any tips or tricks that you are aware of that can reduce the ballooning effect in pouches during flights. I’ve flown quite a few times and I always have issues with ballooning during take off and reaching cruising […]

Info about living with an ostomy in Canada

Questions: I’m a 30-year colostomate and in about a week’s time I will presenting a 30-40 minute program about living with an ostomy in other countries for our Northern Virginia Ostomy Support Group. Can  you help me by answering any of the following questions? 1) Where do ostomates in Canada obtain supplies? 2) Who pays for […]

Ostomy Lifestyle Question (December 2016) – Reversal Surgery Concerns

Subject: reversal of stoma surgery Message Body: I have had a ostomy for 8 months and now looking at a reversal surgery. What are the things I should be concerned about? What is the recovery time? Is this procedure common? Answer: Stoma reversal depends on the individual and the nature of the surgery. Colostomy and […]

Ostomy Lifestyle Question (November 2016) – Skin around Ostomy Care

Question: My skin around my stoma is blistered (but not the stoma) I have used the stoma powder but that is not helping.  Should I make an appointment with the doctor? Response: Healthy skin around your stoma is very important, and should be consistently cared for. If the powder you have been using has not […]

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